OM Indian Bistro: branding a startup business, website design and menu design

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The project

Branding, logo design, website design, illustration, photography, menu design and marketing for a new restaurant in Bole, Addis Ababa.


A new restaurant was about to open, the first of its kind in Addis Ababa: a vegetarian Indian bistro. The owner was very passionate about food but had not run a business before. I worked with her to formulate the restaurant’s vision, mission and values and to capture the essence of the brand.

I then carried out competitor and audience analyses, which helped us position the brand perfectly in the market, targeting an affluent resident segment of the population and a transient tourist population.


Having come up with a colour palette and typography that matched the brand values and personality, we went through many ideas and iterations before arriving at the final logo: a simple, clean ganesha symbol inside a saffron circle. The logo can be horizontal or stacked, used with or without a tagline and even without any text at all. It can also be taken out of the circle and used in its own right. The colour palette of saffron, deep brown and burnt orange is inspired by Indian spices and fire.

OM Indian bistro paper bag

Menu design

With the perk of getting to taste many of the items on the menu, I designed it in close collaboration with the owner, who wanted a clean, modern look. The menu contains original icons that I crafted.

OM Indian Bistro main menu

I also designed an illustrated children’s menu, with original illustrations along with puzzles and games, to help keep kids entertained while at the restaurant.

OM Indian Bistro kids menu

Website design

I designed a simple and functional website using Wix. All the photos on the site are the result of two photo shoots that we did.

OM Indian Bistro website shown on laptop screen
OM Indian Bistro website


After the grand opening of the restaurant, word of mouth spread quickly and the bookings came in fast.

To keep up momentum, we focused our marketing efforts on Facebook, Google My Business and Trip Advisor. We also added the restaurant to the newly launched ‘Deliver Addis’, a service similar to Uber Eats. Once the reviews started rolling in (heavily encouraged by both the owner and myself to start with) the marketing almost handled itself.

OM Indian bistro guests


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